ARTICLE: A Gabriel Chagas hand

This hand occurred when the Capelletti couple created their incredible transfer over doubled major overcalls at the one level. Almost everyone plays it today, but my first time ever, I was playing with Pedro Castello Branco, agains Roberto Mello and Ricardo Janz in Rio.
Pedro explained his new convention in front of our opponents and we decided to play it right there. And very soon this board came up: all vulnerable, the bidding started, Mello as dealer:

Mello: 1C
Me: 1S
Janz : Double
Pedro : 2 D with his proud new system as his hand was: void, Q109xxx, xxxx, QJ9
Mello: 2S
Me 4 S!!
Janz: 5C
Pedro: pass ( relieved!!)
Mello : pass
Me: 5D!
Janz: double
Pedro: in real panic now, certain that I had forgotten the convention, 5H
Mello: Pass
Me: Pass ( Pedro is feeling a little better now…)
Janz: double
Pedro : pass ( 3 down, if lucky?)
Mello: Pass
Me: 5 S!!!!
Janz: double
Pedro: in despair, Pass
Mello: Pass
Me: redouble!
Janz : Pass
Pedro : Almost having a heart…attack, pass Mello : Pass Janz led the Diamond Ace and I showed my hand: I had eleven solid spades: AKQ109876543,—, x,x Pedro stood up, crossed the table and kissed me…

Gabriel Chagas (Brazil)